If Everything Was Like Among Us 8

Among us in real life in the airship map! Guess who the imposter is and let us know if you guessed correctly. This is a part 8 to our If Everything Was Like Among Us vid. Which person do you relate to the most?
Thank you to our neighbor Bruce for letting us film in his 727 airplane! To visit his airplane home go to www.airplanehome.com/

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    Muhammad ibrahim Miah

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    10tim10 20

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    online stories for kids

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    Shiloh is so good¡?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. leanne ackland

    leanne ackland

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    I like Judah say red isn’t here but she is😜😜😜😜

  5. sweet girls having fun

    sweet girls having fun

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    Elija: ok remember there are three imposters Daniel: ok we got this Daniel : *screams* Elija: * shook* Me: * also shook*

  6. serena ingram

    serena ingram

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    I am a fan

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    Ken Nez

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    I thot it was pink

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    • Shiloh & Bros

      Shiloh & Bros

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  9. Itz_FayelineGacha


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    I feel like their mom thought of the tasks so they would do chores XD

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  12. Jonen Jordan - BabyBonesJojo GD

    Jonen Jordan - BabyBonesJojo GD

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    2:01-2:05 PINK!! Why Am I PINK?!

  13. Chris Vibez

    Chris Vibez

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    Can you make a song red is always sus

  14. Isaac C

    Isaac C

    12 tuntia sitten

    Juda: red- red is not there juda:-is not here

  15. Jackson Smith

    Jackson Smith

    13 tuntia sitten

    William: (spills soda) Mom (WHY)

  16. Kathy Bowen

    Kathy Bowen

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    Do you think you can do the polis?

  17. Dylan Moir

    Dylan Moir

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    I like the airship map but I really like the baby in all of these I mean shows

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  19. laila Falahpour

    laila Falahpour

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    No one is sus cuz red isnt here LOL funniest line😂

  20. Sara Garrison

    Sara Garrison

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    Oh you have to swipe your card to get in. Dark green: NOOOO IM GOING TO BE HERE FOREVER

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    I'm used to aaaaAaaaaaA

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    when Shiloh reported m an ms mix with skittles mattle

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    Yaaaaa we won crewmate

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    stephen berger

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    Please go to this youtuber it is belle belle's world

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    Comment 20K

  28. Minus Gf

    Minus Gf

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    I have a question for you guys, why is the mini crewmate so cute?

  29. Theprincess Unicorn

    Theprincess Unicorn

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    Oh my God you could see that on the knob and he didn’t have to say the pastor among us people always kill us when you were pasta I am going to be the pastor in this game

  30. leanne ackland

    leanne ackland

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    I liked all of your videos

  31. leanne ackland

    leanne ackland

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    Guys I watch your videos everyday

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    Martial Arts

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    The trash task is hard

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    Jessica Li

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    I wish Thare 9

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    Dragana Nikodijevic

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    Can you do part 9 air ship plsssssssssssssss or ill like and sub

  35. Marioslee


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    among us 9

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    arben mehmetaj

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    the blue one is awyas dumb

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    Brett Richards

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    HEY MICAH YOU ARE SO COOL DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Labros Variamis

    Labros Variamis

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    Why was micah yelling so loud when Elijah got thrown

  39. Jasiah the roblox gamer

    Jasiah the roblox gamer

    20 tuntia sitten

    Plot twist: Lime was brittany and judah didn't know

  40. Alexis Guiracocha

    Alexis Guiracocha

    20 tuntia sitten

    plot twist: that Elijah will never win as an impostor.

    • Alexis Guiracocha

      Alexis Guiracocha

      20 tuntia sitten

      its true though



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    20 tuntia sitten

    Can you make a song called ' I'm just a mini crewmate '.



    20 tuntia sitten

    People who want ' If Everything Was Like Among Us 9 '. 👇

  44. Rebecca Sookooramnie

    Rebecca Sookooramnie

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    the first 1 to blame is red

  45. farah kamal

    farah kamal

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    Her name is Jolson no that baby

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    I love it when this notification shows up "Someone liked your comment" and "You have a new subscriber" :D

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    Jayeshbhai Pandya

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    Please make among us 9

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    Or air ship

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    Veronica Dixit

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    What are you doing oh my goड

  51. Emperorkingzzah fortnite and among us :D

    Emperorkingzzah fortnite and among us :D

    22 tuntia sitten

    where did shiloh to judah go?

    • Shiloh & Bros

      Shiloh & Bros

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      To Shiloh and Bros 😀

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    Plsss make the you play oart 2

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  54. YT Gaming NL

    YT Gaming NL

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    Didn't play blue in the kissing booth. His face is the same. 😂 Edited: O.M.G a heart of FItop CHANNEL. So cool!! ❤

  55. guy gafni

    guy gafni

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    part 9 please 14:56

  56. nucularblasst


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    Mad respect to them for going to different places and buying or renting the plane

  57. Eli Paul

    Eli Paul

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    Judah that is the hardest task on Airship

  58. darius suciu

    darius suciu

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    Judah is a giant carrot is awsome

    • darius suciu

      darius suciu

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      Judah is my favorite caracter

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    Ema Lucille Cuerpo

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    Yeah finally The airport

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    I love it

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    8:54 coca cola🥴🥴



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    Please send the next episodes

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    Pore elaj



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    8:45 But Why ?????????

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    A new map is cool

  68. Alexpokemon


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    Pls I plead you'll to make another you choose video

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    Sandra and the kids Sixten & Knut Danielsson

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    The baby is so cute.

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    Love your vid

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    You guyz are the best!

  73. Shattered Eye

    Shattered Eye

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    Moral of the story: if Shiloh’s not on your team you might as well forfeit because you never gonna win

  74. muhammad arjuna

    muhammad arjuna

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    elijah and mary and wiliam is the three impostor

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    It is so funny🤣🤣🤣

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    I love Shiloh and bros if it is shilo reading the comment please reply

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    I. Like. To. Play. Among. Use

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    Please make a if everything was like among us 9

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    Micah: Mary? There's no task for you? Mary: Nope i don't have tasks Me: Sus... turns out it was mary! 😂

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    Hi I’m cat valentine.

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    She is too cute she said oh I forgot

  82. Colin Tube

    Colin Tube

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    William made it farther than last time he was the first one thrown out but now he’s the fourth one thrown out that means he’s getting better at this

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  85. Total Drama Super fan

    Total Drama Super fan

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    If you do a among us 9 can you bring back Leah? She was in among us 5 and was one of the 2 imposters? It would be cool to have Leah back



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    these are my favorite videos!

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    JJ Gaming

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    This new map is so confusing

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    the new girl is brittny

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    Can I be the mini crewmate :

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    Ethan Clyde Hermano

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    I saw Elijah in a movie

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    I am mostly a pink man kind of person

  92. kaelob is awesome Aa

    kaelob is awesome Aa

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    The pun at 9:27 was awesome

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    I’m not used to orange skipping willingly...

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    I think it’s Mary

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    Lime is sus be cuz of brentney

  98. Rust Bucket 10 update

    Rust Bucket 10 update

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    William what is 10 x 10 Do I need to know that when u look this good bru William so dum 1IQ

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    Martin Birbeck

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    Imposters:Elijah-William and Mari

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